Below you'll find a list of of common questions that our staff gets asked from season to season. To read the response, click on the respective question to expand it. If you have a question that's not on this list, or would like additional information, please feel free to contact us!

  • When does soccer registration begin?

We have a new registration procedure, therefore this will change when registration opens.  We will open it at an announced date, usually 4-6 weeks before the season starts.  That means, registration for the fall season begins in mid to late June. And the registration for the spring season begins in mid to late January.

  • How much does it cost to register?

Our registration costs range from $100 to 4yo and 5yo ages, $110 for 6yo-1st Grade, and $120 for 2nd Grade and above.  We offer a $10 discount for each sibling after the first one registered.  This should be automatically applied during checkout.  We are a volunteer organization, therefore coaches and assistant coaches are not monetarily compensated.  We do offer perks and support for our coaches in other ways.

IAM 3RD also offers financial assistance in the form of scholarships for players, which are provided based on availability and need. Links to the scholarship request forms can be found on the registration page once registration begins.

  • Can my child play on the same team as a friend, or practice on a particular day?

Yes! Our registration allows players to choose which day you want to practice and provide a request to play with a friend.  We dont guarantee either of these requests, but the earlier you register the more likely both will be fulfilled.

Friend Requests
Requests for players to play on the same team are only fulfilled if both players request the same practice night.

Practice Night Requests
We know how busy life can be and we have recently changed our policy to give you the choice of your practice day.  Yes, you get to choose which day you want to practice!  Siblings can all practice on the same day...  or you can plan your family schedule around the day you choose.

  • I want to withdraw my child from soccer. How do I get a refund?
Please refer to the I AM 3RD soccer registration refund policy.
  • How often are practices and games?

Practices are held once a week on a weekday, and games are held on Saturdays. Location of games and practices will be determined by the location that you registered your child for. For example, if you registered for the Lexington Christian Academy (LCA) location, practices and games will be held on the fields located west of LCA, next to Wellington Elementary School.

There may instances where older players are playing games in another location (e.g., teams that practice and play at the LCA location playing games against an Athens team at the Athens location, and vice versa), but such occasions are noted in the game schedules.

  • When does the soccer season begin?
The practices for the fall season begin in mid August, while practices for the spring season begin in mid March. However, the starting dates for each season may vary due to weather, field availability, and other local factors.
  • What equipment does my child need to play soccer?

Shin guards are mandatory for all soccer players. Outdoor cleats are also required for all those participating with the exception of those players in the "I AM 3" (3-year old) division. 3-year old players can wear cleats but are only required to wear full-coverage shoes (i.e., no sandals or open-toe shoes).

Team jerseys and matching socks are covered by the registration fee and are supplied by I AM 3RD. Players will also receive an I AM 3RD t-shirt. Your child's coach will distribute these items along with devotionals, and any additional equipment that you may have ordered (e.g., black shorts) at the last practice before the first game. For the 3-year old division, these items will be distributed at the first session.

I AM 3RD players that play during the fall season and are placed on the same team for the spring season are expected to use their jersey and socks from the fall season. New players will receive a team jersey and socks prior to the first game.

I AM 3RD also provides field equipment, such as goals and nets. Coaches may have several soccer balls on-hand during practices, but it is ideal for every child to have their own soccer ball for practicing and playing on their own.

  • Who will coach my child's team?
Teams are coached by volunteers from your community; many of them are parents with children in I AM 3RD. If interested in coaching or assisting a coach, please fill out the volunteer section of the registration form or contact us for more information.  We have a full time Soccer Director who can help you plan practices and recommend activities to keep your kids engaged.  Dont let a lack of soccer "knowledge" keep you from helping...  We provide you lots of great tools!
  • What am I expected to do as a parent?
Please refer to the parent contract.
  • How can I volunteer to help with I AM 3RD?
We are grateful to the many parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and neighbors who give of their time to support our players each season. We have varying opportunities available to serve for those interested, ranging from coaching and referee positions to administrative help. To become a volunteer, please identify on your registration in what ways you are able to contribute or contact our office.
  • Do teams stay the same from season-to-season?

The I AM 3RD soccer year runs much like a school year from fall to spring. Every player must re-register for each season, but we do keep teams the same from the Fall to next Spring seasons (unless you identify to us that you would rather register as a new player and join a different team).  Players will receive a team jersey, shorts and socks each season, prior to the first game.

Every fall we "reset" our soccer rosters. This is because many players may have transitioned to older divisions. A lot of times there will still be players who want to play together, or want a particular coach. In these instances, we encourage folks to use the friend request option on the registration form. If you are wanting to try and keep the same coach, please write in the coach's child's name as your friend request.