3-4 Year Old Intro to Soccer

Fall Class Registration Will Open on
July 17th at Noon.
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Age Range:  3-4 years old

Intro to Soccer 1: For young 3-year-olds and up

Intro to Soccer 2: For 4-year-olds and older 3s

Cost:  $115


Once a week for 6 weeks.

Intro 1: Choose a weekday at 5:30 or Sundays at 2:00

Intro 2: Choose a weekday at 6:15 or Sundays at 2:45pm


  • Lexington Christian Academy Fields
    (450 West Reynolds Road)The Lexington Christian Academy (LCA) location of I AM 3RD practices and plays on the fields located west of Lexington Christian Academy, next to Wellington Elementary School.


45 minutes long

Max of 12 kids per class

Soccer instructors will focus on coordination and listening skills. Of course we will be introducing players to the basics of soccer, however this comes after some time with instructors teaching them how to interact with coaches, other players, and the environment. This progressive program starts with listening skills and physical coordination tasks. We then progress to the individual parts of ball interaction, cone jumping, cone agility games, and other simple tasks... and our goal is to finish with cone dribbling, passing, shooting, and small games! Many of these activities focus on hand-eye coordination, balance, physical activity, listening, and learning how to dribble and pass to teammates.

There will be 6 total trainings. Each player will train one day a week for 6 weeks.

To ensure that all players and parents enjoy their experience in this class, you must be prepared to assist your child acclimate and settle into our program. This may require parents to participate with their child. It is to be expected that some kids may need a little hand holding or easing into the program. We hope that after a little time, your child will be able to participate without parent help. However, every child is different. Please respect our coaches and all other participants by jumping in the activities when needed!