IA3-PDA: Player Development Academy

                                                                                                           WE ARE LOOKING FOR A UNIQUELY QUALIFIED GROUP OF PERSONS TO BECOME COACHES IN OUR PROGRAM.  PLEASE CONTACT US AT SOCCER@LEXCHURCH.COM IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!

I am 3rd is very excited to offer a new development path for soccer players in Central Kentucky. While many of you are familiar with the recreational program and the club program structure for US Soccer, some may not.  We believe there is something missing from our youth development options. It is widely believed that club soccer is the best path for player development due to qualified coaches, training structure and competition. On the other side, recreational soccer is known for the fun, no pressure environment that a volunteer coach and “everyone is a winner” provides. The truth is rec soccer has an unfair reputation and is responsible for the training of 65%- 70% of all soccer players in this country. Due to the unfair reputation, parents and players are left to believe that you MUST join a club to receive great training from great coaches.


We are excited to offer a new “recreational academy” that focuses on grassroots player development with reasonable family expectations. This program is a unique player solution to some fundamental problems with youth soccer: cost and time. Our Player Development Academy (PDA) will be a program that keeps the fun in the game, provides an age appropriate development curriculum, keeps the cost low and allows you to spend more time with your family. We are providing a format that does not consume your weekends, does not cause financial strain but does provides your child a great development path for future success.


The PDA will be exclusively for I am 3rd Players who participated in our league in the Fall season. The program will have a formal identification process, detailed program expectations and comprehensive player curriculum that starts in the Fall, goes through the Winter and finishes after the Spring season. We will be offering this to our 2nd-3rd grade players and 4th-5th grade players for both boys and girls.


Here is our development path:

  • Players will play in our rec league in the Fall. Throughout the season, players will be identified and invited to join the PDA program. Identification can be accomplished through Director evaluation, Coach recommendation, or Parent nomination plus evaluation.
  • Players will then be placed in our Winter Training program, which will consist of 2 practices per week plus games on Saturdays. This program will last 6 weeks.
  • These players will then continue their development path in the Spring season. They will stay in the PDA program with practices twice a week and participating in sanctioned US Soccer events such as Academy play dates, League play and some very selective tournament/ festival events.


IA3-PDA will look to provide this unique opportunity to families at a significantly lower cost than other club programs. Players will receive uniforms, high quality training, admin fees, league fees, etc. all included for a one-time fee that covers Winter training season and Spring training season. Here is a quick comparison to other programs in the area...


PDA will provide your child a challenging curriculum that assures they will possess the right foundation for future success as a soccer player.  We are confident this additional training, along with our parent education program will help foster a great passion for the game for your young player!


If you believe your child might be a good fit for this program, please review the important criteria we will use for player selection.  The I am 3rd Soccer Director will oversee and manage all aspects of this program.  The coaches for this program will be experienced, highly qualified and licensed to assure proper curriculum and player to coach ratios.


Here are some things to look for:

  1. Your child stands out on the field. Scores a lot of goals, dominates the field, always has the ball.
  2. Your child displays advanced skills for their age. Maybe they are an exceptional dribbler?  Maybe they are a good ball striker?  Maybe they are a good passer? Maybe they make great decisions?
  3. Your child spends time at home playing soccer or watching soccer without parent mandates. This is a sign of a true prodigy.
  4. Your child displays an exceptional awareness or understanding of the game. Great decisions.
  5. Your child seems bored or might be interested in a new challenge for their skills. Do they seem hyper competitive?
  6. Your child must be coachable and able to focus for the entire training session. Advanced maturity is a key to success, some kids aren’t ready for this structure.


Player Development Academy Details: FALL 2019

We will be starting our program in the Fall 2019.  To be eligible, you must be enrolled in our Fall 2019 recreational program.  Players will be placed in the program by invitation.  Players who are invited will get notification by end of October.


Technical skills    ◊   Decision Making(Tactical Skills)   ◊   Advanced ball work and Footwork concepts


If you have any other questions, please contact me at soccer@lexchurch.com


Michael Lippert

I am 3rd Soccer Director